Atlas/Craftsman Lathe rebuild, 
by Joel Stribling.
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Craftsman 12"x 36" lathe  manufactured for Sears, Roebucks and Co.
Model: 101 28910
Serial Number: 104356
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Carriage removed (upside down) , partially
cleaned for inspection.

 Carriage upside down.  Left shows broken Gear
Case which will be replaced or rebuilt.

 Mitre gears, under the guck

 Rear of Apron (upside down) showing how
leadscrew passes through the components

 View of carriage removed (upside down),
controls on apron.  Cross-feed screw removed.

 Partially cleaned Gear case.  Note missing
flange (broken off) under upper nut.

 Rear of Apron inverted, showing Mitre gears
and Half Nut.

 View of Half Nut prior to cleaning

 Partially cleaned Half Nut

 Mitre gears partially cleaned for a closer

Partially cleaned Gear case.  Note missing
flange (broken off) under upper nut.

 Same view of Half Nut after preliminart

 Mitre gear

 Carriage, being disassembled.

 View of Tailstock

 View of Headstock, partial view of Quadrant
and Index Pin.

 Threading dial indicator

 Atempting to photograph "Back Gears

 Headstock gear train

 Quick-Change gear box

 Another atempt to photograph "Back Gears

 Quick-Change gear box thread chart.

 Bull gear disengagement pin

 Another overall view

 Just another view of Headstock

 Gear train

 Overall view.  Carriage and Tailstock

 Removed Tool Post Slide
Lead screw bearing prior to refinishing

 The Sherline lathe helping polish things up.

 Using a hand stone to refinish the Lead screw

 Using two stones to true and finish a buggered
up hex nut.

 Various parts of the leadscrew bearing

 Cleaned Leadscrew

 Leadscrew bearing assembly reassembled.
 One view of my shop

 One view of my shop

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