Aluminum Bronze 642

This is a great material that is harder than Aluminum or bronze and machines well. We have used it for a great number of projects. Is an excellent material for valve stems, gears, marine hardware, pole-line hardware, bolts, nuts, valve bodies and components, mechanical parts and for use by model builders.  

Specifications:  CDA/UNS Copper Alloy No. CDA 64200

Composition percentages: 

Nominal Maximum Tested
Copper 92.10 91.10
Aluminum 7 6.80
Silicon 1.8 1.73
Zinc .50 .20
Iron .30 .07
Nickel .25 .01
Tin .20 .03
Arsenic .10 -
Lead .05 .02
Tested data per ASTM B150 and Federal QQ-C-465
Condition: Drawn and Stress relieved (HR-50)
Tensile Strength, tested 104,000 psi
Yield, tested 64,000 psi
As far as I understand Copper, Aluminum and Silicon and the important elements, the others are considered trace contaminants. Testing shows that this material is better than minimum standards for CDA 64200. 


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