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well after ten years are trying something new, no longer is the total goal of the website to promote
sale of materials.  When we started back in 1997 and put our first materials up on eBay in 1998, 
we were alone. There was a number of sellers promoting some machining items
but we were the only one that specifically dealt in recycling materials.  
Today while it is still one of the elements of our business, it is of less importance than
the actual art of working materials. 

We are now offering machining services.  If you have something you desire in the way of machining, 
please send us an email for quote and discuss the specifics: sales@machinist-materials.com

We are very much like our customers, we like to build things and turn
ideas into reality. Our interests and products range from a new knob for the spaghetti pot, to 
helping a friend build a remote vehicle to hunt for land mines, a remnant and scourge of modern warfare. 

So WELCOME, come look around, see what you can see,
offer what you think might be useful, criticize, use whatever you want, there are some good tables, and we will be publishing some articles about customer and personal projects, reviewing some items
and sharing those techniques and tools that we have found valuable.
It is all about community. 

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For information and or questions please go to:
Our Contact page

Machining services:  Our small shop is now open for outside work on a limited basis and we also have over the past decade made friends and built associations with other shops that can do an amazing amount of work from sheet metal to water-jetting, from large manual machining to the latest CNC 5 axis milling, for more information and a quote please send requests to sales@machinist-materials.com

All of our materials sales now are through Ebay. 

Projects:  We have featured customer projects before, but now would like to give their creativity and talent a better showing.  After all, this IS what it is all about.  

There are no range limits or parameters, whatever we think is interesting is open for view. 

Pullmax AB rebuild: 

Manual CNC, flycutting dovetails by the numbers: 

Atlas/Craftsman 12" lathe rebuild: 

Tricycle custom:  

H-frame small transmission screw press: 

New method of prototyping
Dimension SST:

Photomicrography, using a Nikon 990:



all of our current material listings are via eBay
Auction.  Please take a minute to look at what we
have to offer, check often, listings and new stock is
being processed all the time. 

Direct Sales 
and Auctions 

procedure information, 
please take some time 
to read & understand
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Plastic Adhesives:
Hardness Table:
Plastic Comparison Table:


   Stainless Steel:  
Stainless Comparison Table



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Material-Chat, new feature, post your questions and give some answers.

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We are dedicated to providing materials to the machinist, professional, novice and home hobbyist. We locate and purchase materials that are drops, cut offs, and left-overs from machine shops and manufacturers. Materials that still have machining value and sell the same at a fraction of retail.

We will be featuring stainless 304, 303 and 316, 316L, 416, 440, monel, aluminum, bronze, bronze alloy, copper, brass, 4140, 4130, C1018, Poly-Pro, Duro-Lube, Lexan, Ultem, Turcite, Delrin® AF, Delrin®, nylon, Nylatron, UHMW, Teflon and anything else we are lucky enough to locate. We will also be offering for sale tools, bits, cutters and accessories if and as they become available.

Delrin® is a registered trademark of DuPont.